G. R. Govinda Raju

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The ionization and attachment coefficients in SF<inf>6</inf>in E &#215; B fields are calculated using the Monte Carlo simulation technique. Application of a magnetic field results in a change in the electron energy distribution, reduces the Townsend's first ionization coefficient, and increases the attachment coefficient at a constant value of the ratio of(More)
A simplified method for predicting the sparking potentials in electronegative gases used for high-voltage insulation is proposed. The method employs the electron-energy distribution function and the swarm properties of the gas, the ionization potential, the momentum transfer, and ionization cross sections. The method has been tried successfully in a number(More)
Dielectric properties of a high molecular weight high fire point liguid dielectric have been measured over the temperature range &#x2212;50&#x00B0;C to 175&#x00B0;C. The properties of interest are the relative dielectric consant &#x03B5;<inf>r</inf>, tan&#x03B4;, the dielectric strength and the conduction current. At low freguencies &#x03B5;<inf>r</inf>(More)
A two-dimensional Particle-in-Cell based Monte Carlo Collision model is used to study the dynamics of a spark-type electric discharge pulse within narrow dielectric cavities of submillimeter dimensions. The gas within the cavity is taken to be air at atmospheric pressure. The development of an avalanche through primary and secondary ionization processes, is(More)
Arc induced degradation of polymeric materials used for outdoor HV insulation has been studied using a 532 nm visible wavelength laser. The degradation behavior is modeled by a modified Helmholtz equation. Two parameters are introduced in the theoretical model developed; a propagation factor alpha which is predominantly dependent on the laser power, and an(More)
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