G R Ghighineishvili

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The action of the transcutaneous application of propranolol using modulated sinusoidal current iontophoresis was studied. When this way of administration is used, the drug, while maintaining its negative chronotropic effect, loses the negative inotropic one. Investigations were performed on 58 men aged 32 to 62 who underwent an aortocoronary bypass for(More)
Two hundred and eighteen patients (209 males and 9 females, mean age 57.1 +/- 0.6 years) with I class coronary ischemia were subdivided into two groups of 109 subjects each. Group I received NaCl baths, group II underwater massage-showers. On days 2-3 and 23-24 of treatment all underwent incremental stress testing until exhaustion. In group I, only subjects(More)
It is well known that during intense training and competitions athletes show a remarkable reduction of their immunological responses. As a matter of fact, during these periods athletes very frequently (five to ten times more than average) fall ill. In order to correct this situation, in the USSR immunomodulator drugs are used together with high frequency(More)
Modular sinusoidal currents were used to optimize the recovery process of the force of athletes' muscles. 113 elite athletes were analyzed. They were participants in rowing, cycling, tennis and Greco-Roman wrestling. In all cases the modular sinusoidal currents were applied to the dorso-cervical and lumbar regions. It was found that applications to the(More)
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