G. R. Flannery

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Mononuclear leucocytes were separated by Hypaque--Ficoll from 60 unselected primary colorectal carcinomas, and then fractionated by rosetting with sheep erythrocytes, either alone (E) or coated with antibody and complement (EAC). The E-rosetting cells, putative T lymphocytes, were cytotoxic in vitro to autologous tumour cells in 18 of the 60 cases, whilst(More)
Splenocytes from inbred Wistar rats bearing a syngeneic squamous cell carcinoma (Spl) were fractionated by several techniques to characterize the lymphoid cells cytotoxic to the tumour in vitro. The anti-tumour cytotoxicity is presumably mediated primarily by T lymphocytes because it was greatly reduced by removal of T lymphocytes with heterologous anti-T(More)
Gravimetric and histological studies of lymphoreticular tissues during growth of a syngeneic squamous cell carcinoma in Wistar rats show that the regional lymph node anergy reported previously in this system is associated with replacement of paracortical small lymphocytes by large blastoid cells. The regional node continued to gain weight throughout the(More)
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