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Phenotypic data for 71 genetic markers for members of five Caucasian kindreds were tested for linkage with the autosomal dominant mutations causing Charcot-Marie-Tooth (hereditary motor sensory) neuropathy type I, characterized by markedly reduced nerve conduction velocities. Lod score analysis gave no evidence of linkage to the closely linked chromosome 1(More)
Accumulated family information was compiled in an attempt to verify the chromosomal location of the Colton blood group locus (CO). Two-point linkage analysis of CO and 46 other polymorphic loci excludes CO from 1p36 to 1q23, 3q21 to 3q26, 4q13 to 4q28, 6p24 to 6 cen, and 19p13.2 to 19 cen and from linkage groups bounded by ABO and ORM, PI and IGHG, and HP(More)
The data establish linkage in both sexes for LDLR:LW (zeta = 8.43 at theta = 0.00) and in the male for LDLR:LU (zeta = 3.31 at theta = 0.00) and for LW:APOC2 (zeta = 3.90 at theta = 0.00). They confirm LDLR:C3 and APOC2:LU linkage in both sexes, and LW:LU linkage in the male. The loci constitute two tightly linked gene clusters, LDLR, C3, LW and APOC2, LU,(More)
Serological analysis of the red cells from members of a large French-Canadian kindred proved that the Swa antigen is not part of the P1, Dombrock or Yt blood group systems. A linkage analysis of the SW blood group locus in relation to 27 other loci indicates that SW is not closely linked to ABO, ACP1, ADA, AK1, C3, D2S5, DO, ESD, F13A, FY, GLO1, GPT, HP,(More)
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