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—This paper presents the design and analysis of a novel machine family—the enclosed-rotor Halbach-array permanent-magnet brushless dc motors for spacecraft applications. The initial design, selection of major parameters, and air-gap magnetic flux density are estimated using the analytical model of the machine. The proportion of the Halbach array in the(More)
Wireless power transfer systems are in vogue today and are being widely used in divergent fields like mobile charging systems, medical implants and powering utility devices in smart homes. Magnetic resonance technology between source and load resonators has been demonstrated as a potential means of non-radiative power transfer. In this paper, the basic(More)
Segmentation accuracy determines the success or failure of computerized analysis procedure in biomedical applications. This paper aims to develop a unique segmentation technique to identify mitotic nuclei from microscopy images of breast histopathology slides. The process involves detection and classification of cell nuclei based on computed features. The(More)
This paper analyses the various losses due to partial shading on different photovoltaic array configurations under moving non-uniform illumination conditions (passing cloud). Each solar array is composed of modules which are interconnected in series and parallel. Bypass diodes are also modelled to avoid hotspot conditions in a photovoltaic module. The(More)
The advent of inexpensive power semiconductors and digital control platforms has generated an interest in machines like switched reluctance motor (SRM) which is known for its structural simplicity. In domestic sector, however, conventional type of single phase induction motor (SPIM) is still commonly used. Most domestic appliances use fractional kilowatt(More)
This paper presents the design and analysis of a zero cogging halbach array permanent magnet Brushless DC motor (PMBLDC) meant for spacecraft applications. The design of the zero cogging BLDC motor requires the choice of slotless configuration. Three types of machine configurations, Slotless PMBLDC with radial, parallel and halbach magnetization were(More)
This paper presents the optimal design of a surface mounted permanent-magnet (PM) Brushless direct-current (BLDC) motor meant for spacecraft applications. The spacecraft applications requires the choice of a motor with high torque density, minimum cogging torque, better positional stability and high torque to inertia ratio. Performance of two types of(More)
One of the important tools available to design engineers to solve electromagnetic field problems is the Finite Element Method.But the complexity and uniqueness in the design of certain special electrical machines impose very serious limitations in the widespread use of this method.The paper presents an assessment of these limitations in specific cases and(More)
Wireless power transfer for lighting gadgets on a table top using low Q resonant coupling is realized. Using distributed capacitances across the transmitter and receiving coils and the inherent resistances of the wires, the coil acts as a tuned LC circuit. Since the secondary coil is resonant with the primary coil at a common frequency of 400 KHz, power is(More)