G. R. AL Dayian

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The step-stress accelerated life tests allow increasing the stress levels on test units at fixed time during the experiment. In this paper, accelerated life tests are considered when lifetime of a product follows a Kumaraswamy Weibull distribution. The shape parameter is assumed to be a log linear function of the stress and a cumulative exposure model(More)
Nine proficiency test events for Lyme disease (Borrelia burgdorferi) antibody were carried out from October 1988 to January 1992 by the New York State Department of Health, Albany, Overall sensitivity for the 846 participants averaged 95.4%, with varying sensitivities of 98.7% for users (71 laboratories) of immunofluorescence assays, 97.4% for users (144(More)
Platelets frozen in glycerol-glucose frequently aggregated on thawing or reconstitution. This has been eliminated by using a nonplasma diluent (pH 6.5) and a new freezing bag. The results were improved platelet 14C-serotonin uptake and readily demonstrable aggregation to ADP, epinephrine, collagen and thrombin. 14C-serotonin uptake was at maximum when(More)
An inexpensive, statically controlled cooling rate device consisting of a cassette of aluminum plates and cardboard insulation in a plastic bag was used to freeze platelets in liquid nitrogen with glycerol-glucose as cryoprotectant. Depending on the thermocouple location, the cooling rate in the freezing bag varied between 22.1 and 38.6 C per minute,(More)
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