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AIMS Alpha-galactosidase is applied in food and feed industries for hydrolysing raffinose series oligosaccharides (RO) that are the factors primarily responsible for flatulence upon ingestion of soybean-derived products. The objective of the current work was to develop an optimal culture medium for the production of alpha-galactosidase in solid-state(More)
An extreme thermostable and acidic tolerable beta-glucanase was isolated and characterized from aerobic fungi Trichoderma koningii ZJU-T. The optimal reaction temperature and pH for the beta-glucanase were 100 degrees C and pH 2.0, respectively. The beta-glucanase showed increased stability at higher temperatures and lower pH values when compared to other(More)
AIMS This paper discusses the establishment of a kinetic model for cell growth, butyric acid production and substrate consumption of Clostridium butyricum ZJUCB in batch cultivation. METHODS AND RESULTS Mathematic simulations were proposed by the logistic equation for the cell growth, the Luedeking-Piret equation for butyric acid production and the(More)
A total of 539 bases fragment of mitochondrial DNA D-loop region of six domestic chicken breeds (30 individuals) were sequenced and compared to that of red junglefowl, grey junglefowl, green junglefowl and Lafayette's junglefowl issued in GenBank, and the phylogenetic trees for the chickens constructed based on the D-loop sequences. The results indicated(More)
The very sensitive quantitative competitive reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) was used to investigate the expression of mRNA for the inhibin alpha and inhibin/activin beta A subunit in the developing ovarian follicles of the duck. The results indicated all follicles showed the expression of mRNA for the inhibin alpha and(More)
Follistatin and inhibin/activin were closely related glycoprotein hormones. The quantitative competitive RT-PCR was used to investigate the expression of follistatin and inhibin/activin beta B-subunit mRNA in the developing ovarian follicles, immature and mature testes. The results revealed all samples showed the expression of mRNA for the two proteins, and(More)
The mature region of Xianju chicken inhibin alpha-subunit was amplified from the total RNA of follicle granulosa cells by RT-PCR using the primer pair designed according to the reported cDNA sequence of chicken inhibin alpha-subunit, and this fragment of alpha-subunit was cloned and sequenced subsequently. The results revealed that the mature alpha-subunit(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the action of activin and follistatin either alone or in combination on FSH receptor mRNA expression. The results showed that activin alone increased FSH receptor mRNA level in the presence or absence of FSH in cultured granulosa cells, and the stimulating effect of activin on FSH receptor level was dose-dependent.(More)
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