G. Plym-Forshell

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The pharmacokinetics of estramustine phosphate (EMP) was studied in five prostatic cancer patients given single i.v. and oral doses of EMP in a cross-over study. Plasma and urinary concentrations of parent drug, estramustine, estromustine (the estrone analogue), estradiol and estrone were followed for 32 h. The elimination of intravenous EMP from plasma was(More)
To evaluate the appropriate dosage of polyestradiol phosphate (PEP, Estradurin) as single-drug therapy, patients with metastatic prostatic carcinoma were given 80, 160 or 240 mg PEP every 4 weeks for at least 6 months. Injection of PEP was followed by rising plasma concentrations of estradiol in the first 2 weeks and slight fall in the next 2 weeks.(More)
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