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This paper reports on experiments performed on the ltalian language in order to assess the efficiency of probabilistic language models with reference to a task of large-dictionary speech recognition. Two different types of models, an M -gram and an Mg-gram one, have been investigated for comparison purposes. The quality of the models trained on a corpus of(More)
Drosophilidae comprises more than 4,000 described species worldwide. Despite the huge number of papers published on the genus Drosophila Fallén, 1823, large parts of the family are still poorly known. The drosophiline genus Cladochaeta Coquillet, 1900 has more than 100 Neotropical and several southern Nearctic described species, but there is quite a large(More)
Most of the DPCM systems for speech transmission, employ a digital transversal predictor. In such a way an all-pole vocal tract model is assumed; this is not always good either for a fixed or time-varying model. To overcome this drawback some recursive-filter predictors (e.g., Kalman predictora) have been proposed, but not examined for real speech. This(More)
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