G Piragino

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A current peak has been observed and measured in ionic electrolytic current of a glutamic acid aqueous solution, placed in a static magnetic field of flux density of 40 microT, with a superimposed low-frequency alternating magnetic field of flux density of 40 nT. The peak occurs at the frequency of the cyclotronic resonance of the molecular mass of a single(More)
Current peaks have been observed and measured in electrolytic ionic current of L-glutamic acid aqueous solutions at room temperature, in static magnetic fields of 20, 40, and 60 muT flux densities, with a superimposed extremely low-frequency, (1/10) Hz, alternating magnetic field flux density of 40 nT. The distributions of the peaks have mean values(More)
The COMPASS experiment makes use of the CERN SPS high-intensity muon and hadron beams for the investigation of the nucleon spin structure and the spectroscopy of hadrons. One or more outgoing particles are detected in coincidence with the incoming muon or hadron. A large polarized target inside a superconducting solenoid is used for the measurements with(More)
15 a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t 0 mesons was studied at the COMPASS experiment by scattering 160 GeV/c muons off transversely polarised protons. Five single-spin and three double-spin azimuthal asymmetries were measured as a function of Q 2 , x B j , or p 2 T. The sinφ S asymmetry is found to be −0.019 ± 0.008(stat.) ± 0.003(syst.). All other(More)
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