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Frequency-selective polarimeters measure the state of polarization of the individual spectral components of a modulated optical signal. They can be used either as stand-alone measuring devices or as parts of adaptive polarization-mode dispersion (PMD) compensators. This paper presents a novel frequency-selective polarimeter based on coherent detection,(More)
Design, test, and performance requirement and analysis for a polarization-mode-dispersion compensator (PMDC) with four degrees of freedom is presented. The performance is analyzed on the basis of time-integrated and time-resolved bit-error ratio (BER) measurements. Signal impairments are generated by both, first- and higher-order emulators. The probability(More)
We report a compact green light source consisting of a 1060-nm DBR laser, a periodically poled lithium niobate crystal waveguide and an adaptive optic element consisting of a micro-electro-mechanical system actuator. Up to 350 mW optical power at 530 nm with the wallplug efficiency of up to 15% was demonstrated. The change in the optical power at constant(More)
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