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We present a streaming method for reconstructing surfaces from large data sets generated by a laser range scanner using wavelets. Wavelets provide a localized, multiresolution representation of functions and this makes them ideal candidates for streaming surface reconstruction algorithms. We show how wavelets can be used to reconstruct the indicator(More)
We present a new algorithm for compressing surfaces created from oriented points, sampled using a laser range scanner or created from polygonal surfaces. We first use the input data to build an octree whose nodes contain planes that are constructed as the least square fit of the data within that node. Then, given an error threshold, we prune this octree to(More)
Haberlea is one of the few Gesneriaceae genera that has entered Europe. It is a highly endangered genus and red-listed in Bulgaria. Two species, H. rhodopensis and H. ferdinandi-coburgii, have been described to occur in Bulgaria, but this has never been addressed systematically. Here, we used molecular ISSR markers, morphological and nuclear DNA content to(More)
We present a method for encoding unit vectors based on spherical coordinates that out-performs existing encoding methods both in terms of accuracy and encoding/decoding time. Given a tolerance ǫ, we solve a simple, discrete optimization problem to find a set of points on the unit sphere that can trivially be indexed such that the difference in angle between(More)
Addition of meradine, a compound with anabolic action, in a dose of 5 ~g /ml to the culture medium of HeLa cells caused an increase in res i s tance of the cells to the harmful action of 200-400 p g / m l chlor te t racycl ine . Meradrine does not exhibit its protect ive action after its combined adminis t rat ion with puromycin, which indicates that the(More)
Two physical methods, such as Rayleigh light scattering and electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR), are proposed for detecting toxic heavy metals in aqueous media. These methods can find application in ecological monitoring and medical diagnostics. The advantages of these methods over existing ones are considered, and the threshold values of heavy metal(More)