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A nationwide case-control study was conducted in New Zealand, to test hypotheses about the role of infections in the aetiology of childhood leukaemia. Children aged 0-14 years with leukaemia were matched on age and sex to controls selected from birth records. Case ascertainment was virtually complete and 121 (92%) of 131 eligible case families took part.(More)
The associations between giving a history of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse in children and a range of mental health, interpersonal, and sexual problems in adult life were examined in a community sample of women. Abuse was defined to establish groups giving histories of unequivocal victimization. A history of any form of abuse was associated with(More)
The level of psychiatric symptomatology was assessed with the General Health Questionnaire and the Present State Examination in a random community sample of women. Subsequently it was ascertained which of the women had been the victims of sexual or physical abuse, in either childhood or adult life. Women with a history of being abused were significantly(More)
The relationship between childhood sexual abuse and mental health in adult life was investigated in a random community sample of women. There was a positive correlation between reporting abuse and greater levels of psychopathology on a range of measures. Substance abuse and suicidal behaviour were also more commonly reported by the abused group. Childhood(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors investigated the association between sexual abuse in childhood and subsequent incidents of deliberate self-harm in women. METHOD A random community sample of women (N = 252) that reported having been sexually abused as children was interviewed and compared to a similarly sized group (N = 225) that did not report abuse. The subgroup(More)
The purpose of this workplace evaluation was to assess the effects on performance, alertness and subsequent sleep of strategic napping on 12-h overnight shifts. In a counterbalanced crossover design, 24 male aircraft maintenance engineers working in a forward rotating 12-h shift pattern volunteered to take part in the study for two work weeks. During the(More)
BACKGROUND The association was examined between reporting child sexual abuse (CSA) and a range of social, interpersonal and sexual difficulties in adult life. METHOD A random sample of 2250 women were posted a questionnaire exploring a range of abuse experiences. All 248 reporting CSA were invited for interview, together with an equal number of controls.(More)
BACKGROUND The goal of this study was to determine associations between the age of first menstrual period (menarche) and adverse childhood experiences in a random community sample of New Zealand women. Previous reports have linked early menarche to absence of a live-in father figure and to family conflict, as well as genetic determination of early puberty(More)
BACKGROUND Breastfeeding is widely advocated to reduce risk of atopy and asthma, but the evidence for such an effect is conflicting. We aimed to assess long-term outcomes of asthma and atopy related to breastfeeding in a New Zealand birth cohort. METHODS Our cohort consisted of 1037 of 1139 children born in Dunedin, New Zealand, between April, 1972, and(More)