G. Peter Herbison

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The associations between giving a history of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse in children and a range of mental health, interpersonal, and sexual problems in adult life were examined in a community sample of women. Abuse was defined to establish groups giving histories of unequivocal victimization. A history of any form of abuse was associated with(More)
BACKGROUND About a third of women have urinary incontinence and up to a tenth have faecal incontinence after childbirth. Pelvic floor muscle training is commonly recommended during pregnancy and after birth both for prevention and treatment of incontinence. OBJECTIVES To determine the effect of pelvic floor muscle training compared to usual antenatal and(More)
BACKGROUND The outcome of childhood asthma in adults has been described in high-risk cohorts, but few population-based studies have reported the risk factors for persistence and relapse. METHODS We assessed children born from April 1972 through March 1973 in Dunedin, New Zealand, repeatedly from 9 to 26 years of age with questionnaires, pulmonary-function(More)
The relationship between childhood sexual abuse and mental health in adult life was investigated in a random community sample of women. There was a positive correlation between reporting abuse and greater levels of psychopathology on a range of measures. Substance abuse and suicidal behaviour were also more commonly reported by the abused group. Childhood(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify obstetric and other risk factors for urinary incontinence that occurs during pregnancy or after childbirth. DESIGN Questionnaire survey of women. SETTING Maternity units in Aberdeen (Scotland), Birmingham (England) and Dunedin (New Zealand). POPULATION A total of 3405 primiparous women with singleton births delivered during 1(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the relation between obstetric factors and the prevalence of urinary incontinence three months after delivery. DESIGN 2134 postal questionnaires sent between August 1989 and June 1991. SETTING Teaching hospital in Dunedin, New Zealand. SUBJECTS All women three months postpartum who were resident in the Dunedin area. MAIN OUTCOME(More)
BACKGROUND It has been suggested that body mass index (BMI), especially obesity, is associated with subfertility in men. Semen parameters are central to male fertility and reproductive hormones also play a role in spermatogenesis. This review aimed to investigate the association of BMI with semen parameters and reproductive hormones in men of reproductive(More)
A nationwide case-control study was conducted in New Zealand, to test hypotheses about the role of infections in the aetiology of childhood leukaemia. Children aged 0-14 years with leukaemia were matched on age and sex to controls selected from birth records. Case ascertainment was virtually complete and 121 (92%) of 131 eligible case families took part.(More)
BACKGROUND International guidelines for the treatment of asthma recommend adjusting the dose of inhaled corticosteroids on the basis of symptoms, bronchodilator requirements, and the results of pulmonary-function tests. Measurements of the fraction of exhaled nitric oxide (FE(NO)) constitute a noninvasive marker that may be a useful alternative for the(More)
BACKGROUND Overactive bladder syndrome (OAB) is a common condition with a significant negative impact on quality of life characterised by urgency with or without urge incontinence, frequency and nocturia.  Intravesical botulinum toxin is being increasingly used to treat severe overactive bladder refractory to standard management.  An increasing body of(More)