G.. Pennington

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Current flow, considering a semiclassical electron–electric-field interaction and electron scattering by acoustic phonons, is studied in semiconducting zig-zag carbon nanotubes. The p-electronic band structure and the phonon spectrum of the nanotube are both calculated from graphene by the zone-folding method. Scattering rates are calculated using(More)
We report Monte Carlo (MC) simulation results showing applied bias dependent spatial velocity oscillations for semiconducting single-walled zig-zag carbon nanotubes (CNTs). MC simulations show velocity oscillations in CNTs at different lengths due to high scattering rates associated with optical phonon emissions in the one-dimensional CNT system. The(More)
We report a SPICE compatible closed form compact memristor model, for the temporal evolution of resistance in a memristor under the action of a programming voltage. This compact model compares well to published transition time formulae and known memristor behavior. We use the SPICE equivalent of the model in a novel Wien-Bridge oscillator signal(More)
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