G Patrick Stahly

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A crystal engineering strategy for designing cocrystals of pharmaceuticals is presented. The strategy increases the probability of discovering useful cocrystals and decreases the number of experiments that are needed by selecting API:guest combinations that have the greatest potential of forming energetically and structurally robust interactions. Our(More)
Salts and cocrystals are multicomponent crystals that can be distinguished by the location of the proton between an acid and a base. At the salt end of the spectrum proton transfer is complete, and on the opposite end proton transfer is absent in cocrystals. However, for acid-base complexes with similar pK(a) values, the extent of proton transfer in the(More)
Verrucarin A (2) was epoxidized to give the beta-9,10-epoxide 7 (major product) and alpha-9,10-epoxide 9 (minor product). The beta-epoxide 7 and its acetate 8 exhibit high in vivo antileukemic activity against P-388 mouse leukemia, whereas 2 and 9 are inactive. Epoxidation of verrucarin B (3) and roridin A (1) to their respective beta-9,10-epoxides (11 and(More)
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