G. Partha Saradhi Varma

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Data preprocessing is an important activity for discovering behavioral patterns. The analysis of web logs is an essential task for System Administrators to safeguard adequate bandwidth and to maintain server capacity on their business websites. A web Log file represents user activities occurring over a period of time. Web log files offer valuable insight(More)
This paper describes a novel Hybrid Emotional Neural Network (HENN) for classification of emotions from Facial expressions. The novelty of this work is that along with the parameters of the feed forward neural network, i.e. the learning rate, momentum, new parameters such as anxiety and confidence is taken as emotional parameters are from Gabor Wavelet and(More)
Classification of Image is conquering a vital role within the field of computer Science. Classification of Image can be distinct as processing techniques that concern quantitative methods to the values in a technology field or remotely sensed scene to set pixels with one and the same digital number values into attribute classes or categories. To create(More)
In this paper, a hybrid framework is proposed to improve the performance of face recognition by combining global descriptors and local appearance descriptors and proved that their complementary nature makes them good candidates in the better recognition of faces. The proposed face recognition method can handle facial appearance variations which are caused(More)
Due to increased usage of web as a medium of publication by entrepreneurs and federal agencies, a massive amount of data is stored in structured and unstructured forms over the web. This leads to page-cluttering, which makes it difficult to distinguish the content of interest from superfluous data such as billboards, and patent and other announcements. Web(More)
Progress in shape based object recognition methods involving either the boundary based or region based methods and their relative popularity is presented. Prevalence of boundary in almost of types and their shapes discriminating features are discussed. Limitations to boundary based methods viz. sensitivity to noise and variations are detailed. The present(More)
Pattern mining is one of the most pivotal steps in the data mining is pattern mining and it immediately comes after the preprocessing phase of WUM. Pattern discovery deals with the sorted set of data items are presented as part of the sequence. Using this pattern mining, users can recognize the web paths that users commonly follow on a web site easily. This(More)
A micelle-vesicle transition induced by n-octanol C(8)OH was observed in an aqueous cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB)/potassium bromide (KBr) system. This transition was investigated by viscosity, rheology, dynamic light scattering (DLS), and direct imaging technique, cryo-transmission electron microscopy (cryo-TEM). Viscometry shows that the system(More)
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