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Evidence-based policymaking refers to the use of sound and transparent data in making public policy decisions. The paper argues for a broader use of data in policymaking beyond monitoring and evaluation of policy. Strengthening evidence-based policymaking has become more crucial in developing countries given the increasingly sophisticated methods of policy(More)
In this paper an analytical solution for the stress state in a coated stent is presented, with a particular focus on the interface stresses between the coating and stent. As a first step a simplified stent architecture consisting of a bi-layered composite elastic arch is considered. The variations of normal and shear stress at the interface as functions of(More)
Thin films deposited on substrates are usually submitted to large residual compression stresses, causing delamination and buckling of the film into various patterns. The present study is focused on the different equilibria arising on strip-shaped delaminated areas. The three most common types of buckling patterns observed on such strips are known as the(More)
The controversial move toward the development of a consensus on evidence-based or empirically supported therapies may be seen as an international crisis facing psychotherapists. Researchers long have complained that practicing therapists all too often continue to guide what they do therapeutically on the basis of their clinical experience and not the(More)
The formation of donut- and croissantlike buckles has been observed onto the free surface of gold thin films deposited on silicon substrates. Numerical simulations clearly evidence that the coupling effect between the atmospheric pressure acting on the free surface and the plastic folding of the ductile film is responsible for the circular blister(More)
The strain field of individual epitaxial sub-micrometric copper islands is studied using coherent x-ray diffraction and finite element modelling. The strain inhomogeneity in each island is so large that the characteristic features of the island shape tend to disappear in the diffraction pattern, which is dominated by strain effects. The model confirms the(More)
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