G. Parkin

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We describe a simple method for the determination of heme protein reduction potentials. We use the method to determine the reduction potentials for the PAS-A domains of the regulatory heme proteins human NPAS2 (Em=-115 mV ± 2 mV, pH 7.0) and human CLOCK (Em=-111 mV ± 2 mV, pH 7.0). We suggest that the method can be easily and routinely applied to the(More)
A cationic class III peroxidase from Sorghum bicolor was purified to homogeneity. The enzyme contains a high-spin heme, as evidenced by UV–visible spectroscopy and EPR. Steady state oxidation of guaiacol was demonstrated and the enzyme was shown to have higher activity in the presence of calcium ions. A FeIII/FeII reduction potential of −266 mV vs NHE was(More)
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