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In pulsed Doppler flowmeters, processing of the Doppler signals is often done digitally. The first step in the analysis of the echoes is the filtering which is needed to remove stationary components and low frequency shifts induced by wall motion. This preliminary step is of utmost importance. The influence of uncorrelated noise on the measurement of(More)
A method is presented for the automatic time detection of watches where the hands are classi ed by a neural network In order to reduce the overall cost of data collection strict limits were imposed on the data collection time This constraint severely limits the available amount of images and poses the challenge to solve the hand recognition problem with a(More)
BACKGROUND The advancement of knowledge in the field of regenerative medicine is increasing the therapeutic expectations of patients and clinicians on cell therapy approaches. Within these, stem cell therapies are often evoked as a possible therapeutic option for diabetes, already ongoing or possible in the near future. AIM The purpose of this document is(More)
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