G Pagnini

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BACKGROUND Apoptosis appears to have an essential role in the control of testis germ cell number and Fas expression has been reported in apoptotic spermatocytes and spermatids. We investigated if Fas (CD95) was present on ejaculated human sperm and any relationship between Fas on sperm and the apoptotic marker Syto16. METHODS Semen samples from 77 male(More)
The activity of 2-bromo-alpha-ergokryptine (bromocriptine) (5 mg kg-1, i.p.) on adenylate cyclase and on phosphodiesterase (PDE-PDE II) of rat striatum, has been examined both in vitro and in vivo. In vitro and in vivo bromocriptine stimulated adenylate cyclase activity, but reduced the stimulating effect of dopamine on adenylate cyclase activity.(More)
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