G. Paar

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To provide optimal medical care for patients with psychosomatic disorders, rehabilitation and acute medicine should be viewed as separate but related parts of one overall health care concept. Psychosomatic rehabilitation now plays a major role in the care of chronically ill patients beyond the framework of traditional medical psychotherapy. The self image(More)
An important research topic in image processing is stereo vision. The objective is to compute a 3-dimensional representation of some scenery from two 2-dimensional digital images. Constructing a 3-dimensional representation involves finding pairs of pixels from the two images which correspond to the same point in space. Several stereo matching algorithms(More)
Tinnitus patients often complain of psychosomatic disorders and of problems in social life. We intended to prove the modulation of tinnitus perception by psychosocial factors. We examined 48 tinnitus patients, 35 with and 13 without hearing loss. A control group of 48 patients without tinnitus, without hearing disorder and without tumor disease was adapted(More)
Symptom Validity Testing was developed to evaluate complaints of sensory deficits. The assessment is based on the inability of patients to perceive a sensory signal. Subjects must guess the signal using the model of coin flipping (head or tail). The signals are presented randomized in an equal number of alternatives. A 50-percent hit-rate for enough trials(More)