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Results of an analysis are presented, concerning the situation of animal welfare in keeping and housing of calves, pigs and laying hens. It is observed, that stockholders are making great efforts to follow the animal welfare regulations. Remaining problems of animal welfare in farms are described.
In three women intoxication with vitamin D or dihydrotachysterol occurred. Two patients died from complications despite successful lowering of the serum calcium, the third died after a pulmonary embolus during hypercalcaemia 5 months after cessation of vitamin D. Correct observation of the narrow therapeutic range of vitamin D preparations appears most(More)
A model for the operationalization of empirical research of defense mechanisms is presented. Measures for operationalized defense diagnoses are discussed against the background of a cognitive model of different coding of information channels (linguistic and perceptual coding). Studies for the operationalized diagnoses in the clinical assessment of defense(More)
Nine patients with anorexia nervosa were studied, who had varying degrees of bone marrow failure ranging from a slight neutropenia to severe pancytopenia. In addition to routine laboratory work bone marrow biopsies were performed at admission and during the course of disease. In four of those patients erythropoietin excretion per 24 hours was measured by(More)
An important research topic in image processing is stereo vision. The objective is to compute a 3-dimensional representation of some scenery from two 2-dimensional digital images. Constructing a 3-dimensional representation involves finding pairs of pixels from the two images which correspond to the same point in space. Several stereo matching algorithms(More)