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This paper presents our practical experience gained from writing image processing programs in lazy functional languages. We give some benchmarking results comparing median filter operations written in C, Mirandal and Haskell. (The median filter is a common method for removing noise from images.) Also, using a profiling tool, we achieve remarkable(More)
This paper describes and discusses a new algorithm for stereo matching , which has been designed to work well with data from the SPOT satellite.* It is basically an extension ofGruen's adaptive least squares correlation algorithm, 11-12 so that whole images can be automatically matched, instead of just selected patches. Initial results on quality and speed(More)
of mice deficient in plasma-secreted sphingomyelinase reveals its pivotal role in early phase of host response. Identification of compounds inhibiting the C-S lyase activity of a cell extract from a Staphylococcus sp. isolated from human skin. Lett. Potential effect of physiotherapeutic treatment on mortality rate in patients with severe sepsis and septic(More)
The Alvey-funded* project on "Real-time 2.5D Vision Systems" is concerned with the development of a real-time exemplar machine for stereo matching. This machine will be a loosely-coupled multiprocessor, built using INMOS Transputers (32-bit microprocessors with fast built-in serial links). The main characteristics of such machines will be described and(More)
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