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Twenty-eight per cent of 32 children with fractures of the neck of the femur developed avascular necrosis. It occurred in three of the four type I fractures, in five of the 11 type II fractures, in one of the 12 type III fractures and in none of the five type IV fractures. We studied the effect of early hip decompression on the frequency of avascular(More)
The aim of this study was to determine whether lamotrigine can be re-introduced safely and with a benefit in young people who previously had a mild rash associated with the first introduction of this drug. In the first 150 young people (5-19 years old) treated with lamotrigine in a special centre for epilepsy, seven developed a mild rash soon after starting(More)
Flexion relaxation of erector spinae (ES) has mainly been studied during slow trunk movements. Due to the viscoelastic properties of spinal ligaments, the ES activity may change at different movement speeds. Twenty-one normal females (20-25 years) were examined during slow, intermediate and natural speeds of trunk flexion. The movements and simultaneous ES(More)
Erector spinae (ES) activity during trunk flexion in 22 young (20-25 years) and 16 older (60-92 years) normal females was examined with surface EMG. The trunk movements and simultaneous EMG oscillograph of ES were recorded with two synchronised video cameras. The ES relaxed at the critical position (CP) which was 67 and 82 per cent of full trunk flexion for(More)
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