G P Nerbonne

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This investigation examined the degree to which modification of the consonant-vowel (C-V) intensity ratio affected consonant recognition under conditions in which listeners were forced to rely more heavily on waveform envelope cues than on spectral cues. The stimuli were 22 vowel-consonant-vowel utterances, which had been mixed at six different(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the extent to which variations in the consonant-vowel (C-V) intensity ratio could account for variations in speech intelligibility among the productions of 10 talkers. Fifty normal-hearing individuals listened in noise to syllables consisting of voiceless consonants followed by the vowel /a/ under three conditions(More)
Normal-hearing subjects' recognition of spectrally degraded speech was evaluated under conditions in which the consonant-vowel (C-V) intensity ratio was modified. Subjects identified 22 consonants presented in an /a-Consonant-a/ format at suprathreshold and near threshold conditions. Prior to C-V ratio modification, the stimuli were processed to limit(More)
The sound attenuation characteristics of two military helmets were measured using an acoustic manikin as the test apparatus. The manikin results are compared to the results of attenuation measurements made on human subjects wearing identical helmets. The testing room and instrumentation were the same for both the manikin and human subjects. Procedures in(More)
The present study was designed to survey the noise characteristics in residence halls housing young mentally retarded children and test the effects of this noise on speech-discrimination performance of the residents. The noise survey indicated that the mean level of the noise was 75 dB SPL (WIth the level greater than 70 dB SPL during 71 percent of the(More)
The perceptual consequences of expanding the amplitude variations in speech were studied under conditions in which spectral information was obscured by signal correlated noise that had an envelope correlated with the speech envelope, but had a flat amplitude spectrum. The noise samples, created individually from 22 vowel-consonant-vowel nonsense words, were(More)
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