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Coordinates of the lateral horn in segments C8-L3 were measured in specimens of the cat spinal cord, using the point of entry of the dorsal root as reference point. When choosing coordinates, various methods of orientation of the microelectrode used to test sympathetic preganglionic neurons (SPGNs) were considered. Electrophysiological investigation of(More)
In anesthetized cats, stimulation of supraoptic nuclei (SON) and dorso-lateral hypothalamus (DLH) led to cerebral vasoconstriction if not prevented by alpha-adrenoblocking drugs. The SON stimulation entailed activation of both the synthesis and the transport of neurosecretory substances and increased the neurohormone release into the blood flow. Delayed(More)
Vital contact microscopy and microfilming were used to measure the blood flow velocity in hepatic sinusoids 11 +/- 1 microns in diameter. The white blood cells moving in the axis stream of the red cells were used as the markers to measure linear flow velocity. In normoxia it was equal to 0.29 +/- 0.01 mm/sec and the volumetric flow rate in a liver sinusoid(More)
Vital microfilming revealed peculiarities of blood flow in microvessels of 2-5-micron diameter under relatively resting conditions, in normoxia, as well as the microcirculatory response to hypoxia (breathing with mixture of nitrogen and 6-8% oxygen for 5 min), in intact temporal muscle of rat. The average blood flow velocity in normoxia was 1.14 +/- 0.04(More)