G. P. Madhavan

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It is now almost a century since Piper used a string galvanometer to study muscle activity and initiated the first studies in electromyography (EMG). But not many volumes have emerged since then to describe the fascinating developments in the field of muscle physiology and diagnostics. Such a synthesis is long overdue, and to accomplish this goal, Merletti(More)
Quantitative models have successfully reduced complex and inaccessible ideas of life to simpler, intuitive models that invite exploration, create intrigue, and develop our understanding in return. Modeling a vibrating string or the brachistochrone problem should be a simplistic endeavor for us now. With teachers like Bernoulli and Newton, how could we fail?(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the contributing roles of venous status, microvascular filtration, and calf muscle pump activity in the etiology of delayed orthostatic hypotension (OH). DESIGN Unblinded within-subjects trial. SETTING Academic clinical research center. PARTICIPANTS Convenience sample of healthy adult women (N=30) with an age range of 30 to 65(More)
Presence of signal components in the reference input is detrimental to the performance of practical adaptive noise cancellation systems. Using a modeling approach, we analyse the performance of adaptive noise cancellation in the presence of signal cross talk. We demonstrate a crosstalk resistant adaptive noise cancellation method. After showing that the(More)
Functional Metabolism eloquently and comprehensively captures the current state of knowledge by offering an indepth examination of metabolism and regulation of carbohydrates, lipids, and amino acids. It provides a foundational background on metabolic regulation and adaptation as well as the chemical sequences behind metabolism, and covers the(More)
UNLABELLED The decreased blood pressure and flow rates associated with orthostasis have been implicated in the etiology of numerous clinical conditions, including deep vein thrombosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and more recently osteoporosis. Here, we investigate the potential of low-magnitude vibration, applied at the plantar surface, to inhibit the(More)
Comprehensive textbooks for a discipline within the realm of bioengineering and biotechnology are difficult to write or update in the current times due to the rapid pace of developments and advancements. Needless to emphasize, it takes a substantial amount of time and energy to edit an authoritative book dealing with a cutting-edge discipline, with chapters(More)
Beat-to-beat blood pressure monitoring was used to assess the efficacy of reflex-mediated, calf muscle pump stimulation to enhance cardiovascular refilling in subjects in the supine and seated positions, with extension of this stimulation technology to dialysis evaluated in 2 dialysis patients. Micromechanical stimulation (50 mum at 45 Hz) of the plantar(More)