G. P. Madhavan

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A syntactic pattern recognition procedure for classification of brain-stem auditory evoked potential (BSAEP) is presented. A pre-processing stage of zero-phase bandpass filtering enhances the peaks and suppresses the noise. A finite-state grammar was designed to identify the peaks. Attributes of the peaks (latencies and amplitudes) that are identified are(More)
OBJECTIVE We investigated the cardiovascular responses of adult women to the influence of extended quiet sitting and the extent to which these responses may be reversed by micromechanical stimulation of the plantar surface. DESIGN The cardiovascular responses of 20 healthy adult women (mean age, 55.9 +/- 4.45 yrs) were observed during quiet sitting with(More)
Our preliminary data indicate that exogenous plantar micromechanical stimulation at 45 Hz applied at the plantar surface can prevent tachycardia and blood pressure depression associated with immobility, consistent with improvement in venous and lymphatic fluid return delivered by increased calf muscle activity. In this study, instantaneous beat-to-beat(More)
This study investigated the ability of vibromyography (VMG) to accurately represent voluntary forearm muscle contractile force during attempted-isometric contraction of the brachioradialis. VMG signals were collected from the brachioradialis of healthy adult men (mean age, 26.6+/-9.8 years, N=24) during attempted-isometric contraction over a force range of(More)
Calf skeletal muscle pump activity is essential for maintaining adequate venous and interstitial fluid flows in the dependent body. Correspondingly, failure of this extracorporeal pump leads to a host of acute and chronic physiological complications. The focus of this study is to assess the calf muscle pump contractility, more specifically through analysis(More)
UNLABELLED The decreased blood pressure and flow rates associated with orthostasis have been implicated in the etiology of numerous clinical conditions, including deep vein thrombosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and more recently osteoporosis. Here, we investigate the potential of low-magnitude vibration, applied at the plantar surface, to inhibit the(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the contributing roles of venous status, microvascular filtration, and calf muscle pump activity in the etiology of delayed orthostatic hypotension (OH). DESIGN Unblinded within-subjects trial. SETTING Academic clinical research center. PARTICIPANTS Convenience sample of healthy adult women (N=30) with an age range of 30 to 65(More)