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Androstanediol glucuronide (Adiol G) has been reported to be a marker of peripheral androgen metabolism and action. It consists of two isomers, Adiol 3-G and Adiol 17-G. Adiol G is formed from unconjugated precursors by the enzyme glucuronyl transferase. To determine the likely source of Adiol G formation in man, we developed a glucuronyl transferase assay(More)
OBJECTIVE Fine-needle aspiration and stereotaxic needle core biopsy (SNCB) are techniques used in the workup of breast lesions suggestive of cancer. Many surgeons are reluctant to rely on fine needle results, and until now, SNCB could be done only with a dedicated biopsy table. Our study was done to determine whether SNCB could be performed safely and(More)
BACKGROUND The authors evaluated the psychological characteristics of the morbidly obese. The condition-specific and quality-of-life characteristics of a large sample of vertical banded gastroplasty (VBG) patients were evaluated. The role that these psychological characteristics play in moderating the success of gastroplasty surgery, as well as the impact(More)
Glutathione (GSH) concentration is high in most tumour cells and this may be an important factor in resistance to chemotherapy. Previous in-vitro and animal experiments have shown a differential response of tumour versus normal cells to various cysteine delivery systems. More specifically, an in-vitro assay showed that at concentrations that induce GSH(More)
OBJECTIVE: To develop a reliable and valid measure of distress, related to extreme obesity.DESIGN: Items related to distress over obesity were selected from the literature, clinical experience and from input provided by a gastroplasty patient support group. The items were assessed in a longitudinal study, with the body mass index (BMI) and psychological(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate a mammography screening program that uses a multidisciplinary team approach and needle core biopsy. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 10,000 asymptomatic women (aged 40-74 years) underwent screening in the Nova Scotia Breast Screening Program between June 1991 and April 1994. Women aged 50-69 years were the target group. All mammograms(More)
Significant symptoms postoperatively may be associated with massive growth of yeast organisms in the gastric remnant. Contrary to reports in the literature, the roentgenologic appearance is suggestive but not diagnostic of the presence of gastric mycosis. In our series, roentgenologic studies, gastroscopy and direct microscopic examination of the gastric(More)
  • G P Konok
  • Canadian journal of surgery. Journal canadien de…
  • 1978
The treatment of pancreatic injuries presents the surgeon with unusual diagnostic and therapeutic challenges. Errors in the initial management of patients with injury to the pancreas may lead to life-threatening complications. The author suggests that only by maintaining a constant clinical suspicion of the presence of a pancreatic injury and by performing(More)
The total activities of sucrase, trehalase, amino-peptidase, and gamma-glutamyltransferase in the isolated brush border of the entire small bowel are reduced to 35, 55, 33, and 21 per cent, respectively, of control values (p less than 0.001) 2 hours after a 45 minute occlusion of the superior mesenteric artery. Since brush border proteins are also reduced(More)