G. P. Kazakov

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Vasoconstrictor and Na/K pump inhibitory properties of a bufodienolide Na/K-ATPase inhibitor, marinobufagenin, were studied in isolated rings of 2 to 3 order branches of human pulmonary arteries respectively. Marinobufagenin displayed concentration-dependent vasoconstrictor activity (0.01 to 10 mmol/L). In sarcolemma membranes prepared from pulmonary artery(More)
As a continuation of our research on pharmacologically active comounds in the acridine series, we have synthesized derivatives of 6-chloro-9-thioacridine starting with 6,9-dichloroacridine (la) and its 2and 4-methoxy (Ib, Ic), methyl (Id, Ie), chloro (If) as well as 2,3-dimethyl derivatives (Ig). By reacting the latter with thiourea in a dioxane medium [8](More)
The possibility of magnonic crystal spin-wave spectra representation as a result of interaction of spin-wave excitations of narrow ferrite profiled waveguides is shown. Micromagnetic simulation was used to investigate the dependence of magnonic crystal internal magnetic field distribution on the direction of magnetisation.
Resonant interaction between surface acoustic Rayleigh wave and backward volume magnetostatic wave on Ga, Sc-substituted yttrium iron garnet films was experimental studied. For the first time, an oscillation of SAW parameters caused by resonant interaction with backward volume magnetostatic wave modes of several numbers was observed.
In order to reduce the influence of hydrogen bonds on the acylamino acid salts attachment to the chloromethylated resin, it is proposed to use compounds that can compete for the hydrogen bonds formation. The best solvent proved to be hexamethylphosphoric triamide. Use of interphase catalysts, e.g., tributyl-p-nitrobenzyl ammonium, also gives good results.(More)
Substituted derivatives of N-phenylanthranilic acid are of practical interest as compounds with different biological activities [8, 9]. The Ullmann reaction [2, 15] is used for their preparation. This is based on the reaction of o-halobenzoic acid derivatives with arylamines in n-amyl alcohol medium in the presence of potassium carbonate and copper powder(More)
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