G. P. Daly

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The Pre-Registry Module of the Drug Information System (DIS) is a staging area through which all new compounds are passed prior to acquisition and testing. Several methods are available for the entry of structures into the Pre-Registry; all involve built-in data validation. Newly entered structures are examined by computer programs for structural novelty(More)
The Chemistry Module of the Drug Information System (DIS) handles a database of 400,000 structures. New or modified records are created in this database on a daily basis and are merged into the file promptly. The Chemistry database is searchable in a wide variety of ways and provides novel methods for both input and output of chemical structures.
(2006). Classroom-based versus pull-out speech-language intervention: A review of the experimental evidence. I am pleased to introduce an exciting and innovative venture supported by AGS Publishing, now part of Pearson Assessments: EBP Briefs. EBP Briefs come at an exciting time in our profession: As speech-language pathologists are well aware, there is(More)
Julia is a speech-language pathologist (SLP), working in a K–8 elementary school in a large urban school district. In the past five years, the school's Somali population has more than doubled from 20% to 45% of enrollment due to new refugee arrivals and movement between states for family reunification and employment opportunities. Julia's school is located(More)
The author suggests that one way to better manage the burgeoning costs in acute care settings and improve patient care is by the earlier use of ethics case consultations and end-of-life support from ethics teams. This study determined that, in several very diverse clinical scenarios, timely facilitation of meaningful communication and decision making(More)
One of the signature characteristics of children with autism is failure to develop adequate communication skills. Despite efforts to teach oral communication skills to children with autism, many of these children continue to experience difficulties in acquiring functional speech. Therefore, clinicians often are faced with the decision of selecting and(More)
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