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Simultaneous ambulatory records of gastric antral and body pH were made over 24 hours in nine healthy volunteers by means of endoscopically positioned and anchored glass electrodes. Intragastric pH was temporarily raised after the endoscopy with the median pH value 30 minutes after the procedure being 3.9 (range 1.5-7.0) for the antrum and 4.1 (range(More)
A prospective study of dyspepsia was carried out in a primary referral hospital between 1974-1987 including 1540 patients of whom 1433 were seen as outpatients. The study protocol was agreed in advance and a structured questionnaire was used to elicit relevant clinical information: up to three diagnoses were permitted for each patient. The commonest(More)
Gastric acid secretion, pepsin secretion, and fasting serum gastrin levels were measured in 23 patients with duodenal ulcer disease, divided into three groups which received either cimetidine 800 mg daily, cimetidine 1600 mg daily, or ranitidine hydrochloride 300 mg daily for eight weeks. Pentagastrin tests were carried out at intervals both before and(More)