G. Owen Schaefer

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The present study investigated dream recall frequency and dream content of patients with insomnia in comparison to healthy controls. Patients' dream recall frequency was elevated, due mainly to their heightened frequency of nocturnal awakenings. Dream content seems to reflect waking life stressors found in these patients, i.e. dream emotions were more(More)
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This chapter explores the progression of a mid-sized nonprofit organization, the Central Brevard Humane Society (CBHS), as it embraces social media as part of its marketing and communications strategies. This case study explores how CBHS has used Facebook to advance its mission despite experiencing common challenges faced by nonprofit(More)
Some have objected to human enhancement on the grounds that it violates the autonomy of the enhanced. These objections, however, overlook the interesting possibility that autonomy itself could be enhanced. How, exactly, to enhance autonomy is a difficult problem due to the numerous and diverse accounts of autonomy in the literature. Existing accounts of(More)
Multiple clinical, business and operational use cases from Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems has resulted in the availability of large quantities of longitudinal data. The secondary use of these data for research provides opportunities to generate insights that can help shape the design and delivery of health care services. Methods that allow the(More)
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