G Ostrouchov

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Statistical analyses of data from epidemiological studies of workers exposed to radiation have been based on recorded annual radiation doses. It is usually assumed that the annual doses are known exactly, although it is generally recognized that the data contain uncertainty due to measurement error and bias. We propose the use of a probability distribution(More)
This project focuses on leveraging scientific visualization and analytics software technology as an enabling technology for increasing scientific productivity and insight. Advances in computational technology have resulted in an " information big bang, " which in turn has created a significant data understanding challenge. This challenge is widely(More)
  • E W Bethel, C Johnson, S Ahern, J Bell, P.-T Bremer, H Childs +26 others
  • 2009
One of the central challenges facing visualization research is how to effectively enable knowledge discovery. An effective approach will likely combine application architectures that are capable of running on today's largest platforms to address the challenges posed by large data with visual data analysis techniques that help find, represent, and(More)
  • D J Downing, V Fedorov, W F Lawkins, M D Morris, G Ostrouchov
  • 2007
Large data series with more than several millionmultivariate observations, representing tens of megabytes or even gigabytes of data, are diicult or impossible to analyze with traditional software. The shear amount of data quickly overwhelmes both the available computing resources and the ability of the investigator to conndently identify meaningful patterns(More)
  • D J Downing, V V Fedorov, J Finger, R E Flanery, W F Lawkins, R Lee +3 others
  • 2007
The goal of the project was to begin development of a new approach to the statistical analysis of scientiic data, appropriate for and applicable to the very large data sets now being produced by advanced measurement systems and computational models. Because most analytical and even graphical paradigms of data analysis in current use have been developed in(More)
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