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Studies concerning the respiratory effects of oil mists are sparse and contradictory. The aim of this study was to determine the respective effects of occupational exposure to straight cutting oils and soluble mineral oils on the prevalence of respiratory symptoms, ventilatory impairment, and bronchial reactivity. The population study consisted of 308 male(More)
Patienten mit neurologischen Erkrankungen haben häufig schlafbezogene Atmungsstörungen als Begleiterkrankungen. Umgekehrt werden bei Patienten mit obstruktiver Schlafapnoe (OSA) gehäuft Erkrankungen des zerebro- und kardiovaskulären Systems gefunden. Epidemiologische Studien haben gezeigt, dass die unbehandelte OSA ein unabhängiger Risikofaktor für das(More)
AlO(x)N(y) ultrathin films are used as insulating layers in advanced microelectronic devices. Structural characterization of these films is often done by the Rutherford backscattering (RBS) analysis. The RBS analysis of these oxinitrides is a difficult task since the relevant signals of the spectrum are washed out by the large substrate background and a(More)
A Simulation-Based Approach for Developing Optimal Calibrations for Engines with Variable Valve Actuation — Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) technology provides high potential for achieving improved performance, fuel economy and pollutant reduction. Benefits of VVA stem from better breathing and the ability to control internal residual. However, additional(More)
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