G. O. Antunes

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Many cellular processes involve a small number of molecules and undergo stochastic fluctuations in their levels of activity. Cerebellar long-term depression (LTD) is a form of synaptic plasticity expressed as a reduction in the number of synaptic AMPA receptors (AMPARs) in Purkinje cells. We developed a stochastic model of the LTD signaling network,(More)
We consider an open bounded set Ω ⊂ R n and a family {K (t)} t≥0 of orthogonal matrices of R n. Set Ω t = {x ∈ R n ; x = K(t)y, for all y ∈ Ω}, whose boundary is Γ t. We denote by Q the noncylindrical domain given by Q = 0<t<T {Ω t × {t}}, with the regular lateral boundary = 0<t<T {Γ t × {t}}. In this paper we investigate the boundary exact con-trollability(More)
The elevated T-maze is an animal anxiety model which can discriminate between anxiety-like and fear-like behaviors. The estrous cycle is an important variable of the response in animal anxiety tests and is known to affect other models. The aim of the present study was to investigate the influence of the estrous cycle on behavior displayed in the elevated(More)
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