G. Nigel Gilbert

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It is becoming widely accepted that applied social simulation research is more effective if potential users and stakeholders are closely involved in model specification, design, testing and use, using the principles of participatory research. In this paper, a review of software engineering principles and accounts of the development of simulation models are(More)
This paper considers a range of theoretical approaches to the understanding of organisations and the implications these views have for the design of computer supported cooperative work systems. Organisations have often been seen as structures which can be divided into hierarchically ordered parts or as networks of informal relations. Organisational(More)
In the proposal the organisers considered that it would be a success if during the week: (a) new simulations are started (b) existing simulations are improved, based on the discussion (c) links between existing models and simulations are identified to design a fabric of simulation models (d) new collaborations are initiated across disciplinary boundaries(More)