G Nicholas Benes

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We study the recently observed phenomena of torus canards. These are a higher-dimensional generalization of the classical canard orbits familiar from planar systems and arise in fast-slow systems of ordinary differential equations in which the fast subsystem contains a saddle-node bifurcation of limit cycles. Torus canards are trajectories that pass near(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the analgesic efficacy of EMLA 5 p. 100 cream versus Xylocaïne 1 p. 100 infiltration for biopsies of the genital mucosa. PATIENTS AND METHODS 63 adult patients were randomized. EMLA (0.3-5 g) was applied during 7-12 minutes, and Xylocaïne 1 p. 100 (0.2-5 ml) was infiltrated 0-10 minutes before biopsy. Pain during the anaesthetic(More)
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