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We report an outbreak of gastroenteritis due to Salmonella Enteritidis PT 21 associated with attending an annual traditional fair in a small Austrian village on 4 May 2005. The outbreak lasted from 4 to 8 May. Descriptive and analytical epidemiological investigations were conducted in order to determine the extent of the outbreak and to identify outbreak(More)
The increasing limitation of resources has stimulated the discussion of the reuse of medical devices labelled for "single use" by the manufacturer. The prerequisites for employment of reprocessing measures are patient safety and cost saving potential. Although reprocessing of single use medical devices has been general practice by many institutions, health(More)
Microcomparison, or single-component analysis, of health care systems offers a potentially better basis for reform than traditional macrocomparison analysis of aggregate elements. Using macroanalysis, available evidence shows that Germany provides cheaper but more effective hospital care than the United States. To find the causes for this outcome, we(More)
This paper deals with an economic analysis of the present hospital financing system of the Federal Republic of Germany. In the first section normative criteria for the evaluation of hospital systems are established. The most important objectives are: a medically appropriate hospital care, an efficient production of services and adequate hospital care for(More)
  • G Neubauer
  • Langenbecks Archiv für Chirurgie. Supplement…
  • 1997
Guidelines support the economic evaluation of surgical procedures. Therefore, guidelines should contain cost-benefit information as a basic element. Guidelines prompt activities in the health-care system by means of information. Some of the information should thus be available and understandable for nonmedical staff, too. Guidelines should improve the(More)
Methods There are several proposals to solve the problem described in Germany. One approach is the “patient classification system for rehab patients” which was developed by the Institute of Health-Economics (IfG). It will be described in the following section. Following the logic of DRG, the system starts with major indication fields like musculoskeletal(More)