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Five non-precious Ni-Co based alloys were analyzed with respect to their corrosion behaviour. The correlation between the amount of the elements Cr, Mo, V and the corrosion behaviour, expressed by the PREN (pitting resistance equivalent number) index in the case of the allied steels, was extended for Ni-Cr and Co-Cr dental alloys characterization. Open(More)
The potentiodynamic polarization methods have been employed to evaluate the corrosion resistance of the Gaudent-S dental alloy in a slightly acid artificial saliva (Fusayama's saliva; pH = 6.18), a slightly alkaline artificial saliva (Rondelli's saliva; pH = 7.75) and in an acid saline solution (NaCl/lactic acid; pH = 2.64). The results were compared with(More)
The electronic government involves developing the informational society, which refers to an economy and a society in which the access, acquisition, memorizing, taking, transmitting, spreading and using the knowledge accede to a decisive role. The informational society involves changes in the domains of administration (e-Government), business (electronic(More)
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