G. Naga Venkata Kiran

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Capturing business processes in the early phases of systems development is the trend being followed by many enterprises of the current business scenario. Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) is the widespread dexterous set employed by such organizations. Prior studies have only examined issues related to semantic and functional model checking methods.(More)
Increasing market demand and technology in today's world has made change management an inevitable one. To remain competitive, organizations must be able to respond to change in a timely and cost effective manner. Although there are many change management issues and solutions, there is no proper support for efficient change evaluation and monitoring. Present(More)
Immediate changes to business environments are never-ending occurrences in enterprise business atmospheres to meet the customers necessities in present and fast growing IT industry scenario. Also they must be aligned to IT to ensure the proper functionality of their services even after the changes are propagated at business logic layer. This needs a vital(More)
Business logic might be constantly improved or changed in order to provide enhanced services or to reduce cost. As a result, the software applications employed must be continuously updated to comply with the changes in their functional features. Changes in business logic of the web service must be done very quickly within the given time constraint as the(More)
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