G N Shestakov

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Outline: 1. Introduction, 2. Confinement, chiral dynamics and light scalar mesons, 3. Chiral shielding of the σ(600), chiral constraints (the CGL band), the σ(600) and the f0(980) in ππ → ππ, ππ → K ¯ K, φ → γπ 0 π 0 , 4. The φ meson radiative decays on light scalar resonances, 5. Light scalars in γγ collisions. Evidence for four-quark components of light(More)
We consider the lightest scalar meson in the frame of the SU(L)2 x SU(R)2 linear sigma model, keeping in mind that this model could be the low energy realization of two-flavor QCD. We show that the sigma field is described by its four-quark component at least in the sigma resonance energy (virtuality) region and the sigma-->gammagamma decay is the(More)
The K+ and K0 meson mass difference induces the mixing of the a(0)(0)(980) and f(0)(980) resonances, the amplitude of which, between the K+K- and K0(-)K(0) thresholds, is large in magnitude, of the order of m(K)m(2)(K0)sqrt[-m(2)(K+)] approximately sqrt[alpha] m(2)(K), and possesses the phase sharply varying by about 90 degrees. We suggest performing the(More)
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