G. N. Rathna

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In this paper, we implement a novel parallelized approach of Local Binary Pattern (LBP) based face recognition algorithm on GPU. High performance rates have been achieved through maximizing the resource exploitation available in the GPU. The launch of GPU programming tools like Open source Computation Language (OpenCL) and (CUDA) have boosted the(More)
With the advent of Internet, video over IP is gaining popularity. In such an environment, scalability and fault tolerance will be the key issues. Existing video on demand (VoD) service systems are usually neither scalable nor tolerant to server faults and hence fail to comply to multi-user, failure-prone networks such as the Internet. Current research areas(More)
Transliteration system for mobile phone is an area that is always in demand given the difficulties and constraints we face in its implementation. In this paper we deal with automatic transliteration system for Kannada which has a non-uniform geometry and inter-character spacing unlike non-oriental language text like English. So it is even more a challenging(More)
In this paper, we propose an architecture synthesis methodolog ‘ to realize cascaded Infinite Impulse Response (IIRJfilter in Table Look Up (TLU) Field Progmmmable Gate A m y s (FPGA). The synthesis procedure involves a systematic tmnsfomation of the Dependance Graph (DG) corresponding to the cascaded IIR filter t o a Papelined Fized Full Size A+ my(More)
Distributed processing is a new paradigm to analyse the huge volume of video data in camera networks. This paper addresses the problem of distributed single target tracking considering false positives and missed detections. Target tracking is modelled as a dynamic state estimation problem with nonlinear process and measurement model. We propose to use the(More)
Enhanced Local Ternary Patterns (ELTP) significantly improves performance over other feature descriptor methods including Local Binary Patterns (LBP) and Local Ternary Patterns (LTP).Sequential implementation of ELTP results in poor performance in terms of execution time for real time systems.Speed and accuracy are important characteristics of a real time(More)
This paper presents a real-time face recognition system using kinect sensor. The algorithm is implemented on GPU using opencl and significant speed improvements are observed. We use kinect depth image to increase the robustness and reduce computational cost of conventional LBP based face recognition. The main objective of this paper was to perform robust,(More)
Multiple target tracking is an important problem in analysing video data in camera networks. Distributed processing is a promising scheme to deal with huge volume of video data in camera networks. This paper addresses the problem of distributed multiple target tracking in camera networks. Each camera shares measurements with its immediate neighbours and(More)
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