G.N. Purohit

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A one-day old male camel calf was presented to the Al-Qattara Veterinary Hospital with complaints of abdominal straining and lack of defecation. On examination it was found that the calf had no tail, the posterior sacral margin was blunt and the anal opening was absent. The case was diagnosed as congenital anury with atresia ani. The animal was sedated with(More)
A rare case of ankyloglossia in a one-humped camel and its successful surgical correction by horizontal to vertical frenuloplasty is reported. Seven-month-old she-camel calf, with a history of excessive salivation and inability to chew and swallow hay, was referred to Al Qattara veterinary hospital. Solid food was regurgitated, whereas milk and water could(More)
  • Soon Sl, Solomon Ar, Papadopoulos D, Murray Dr, Mcalpine B, Washington +30 others
  • 2012
Diagnosis: Amelanotic subungual melanoma. MICROSCOPIC FINDINGS AND CLINICAL COURSE The biopsy specimen revealed a proliferation, with paget-oid spread, of atypical melanocytic epithelioid elements throughout the epidermis of the nail bed and the matrix (Figure 2). The patient refused finger amputation and underwent surgical removal of the dorsal part of the(More)
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