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The proposed technique explores a general framework for studying distributed frequency allocation in mobile cellular network. The problem can be abstracted as a multicoloring problem on a cellular graph. This paper concerns a algorithmic problem for solving Maximal independent set of a graph in a distributed fashion and then reducing independent set to(More)
This paper investigates an M/M/1 retrial queue with constant retrial rate, unreliable server and threshold based recovery with state dependent arrival rates. Any arriving customer, who finds the server busy, enters into the retrial orbit. The retrial policy is assumed to be independent of the number of customers in the orbit i.e. a constant retrial policy.(More)
A one-day old male camel calf was presented to the Al-Qattara Veterinary Hospital with complaints of abdominal straining and lack of defecation. On examination it was found that the calf had no tail, the posterior sacral margin was blunt and the anal opening was absent. The case was diagnosed as congenital anury with atresia ani. The animal was sedated with(More)
This paper describes a method for constructing a minimal deterministic finite automaton (DFA) from a regular expression. It is based on a set of graph grammar rules for combining many graphs (DFA) to obtain another desired graph (DFA). The graph grammar rules are presented in the form of a parsing algorithm that converts a regular expression R into a(More)
Parsing is the process of structuring a l inear depiction in accordance with a g iven grammar. The " linear depiction " may be a language sentence, a computer program, a weaving pattern, a sequence of biological strata, a part of music, actions in a ritual performance, in short any linear chain in which the preceding elements in some way confine the next(More)
Combinatorial optimization is a way of finding an optimum solution from a finite set of objects. For combinatorial optimization problems, the number of possible solutions grows exponentially with the number of objects. These problems belong to the class of NP hard problems for which probably efficient algorithm does not exist. Using the distributed approach(More)
This paper deals with algorithms for maximal independent set on random and manual graphs. The maximum independent set problem (MIS) is one of the optimization problems and it is an important component of many networking algorithms. This problem is relevant for many practical applications such as register allocation in a compiler, assigning channels to radio(More)
A rare case of ankyloglossia in a one-humped camel and its successful surgical correction by horizontal to vertical frenuloplasty is reported. Seven-month-old she-camel calf, with a history of excessive salivation and inability to chew and swallow hay, was referred to Al Qattara veterinary hospital. Solid food was regurgitated, whereas milk and water could(More)
Parsing with finite automata networks implies, in one way, the conversion of a regular expression into a minimal deterministic finite automaton, while parsing with neural networks involves parsing of a natural language sentence. In 'Parsing with finite automata networks' finite automata are frequently combined using a set of rules for various operations(More)
  • Soon Sl, Solomon Ar, +33 authors Vyas Mc Histoid
  • 2012
Diagnosis: Amelanotic subungual melanoma. MICROSCOPIC FINDINGS AND CLINICAL COURSE The biopsy specimen revealed a proliferation, with paget-oid spread, of atypical melanocytic epithelioid elements throughout the epidermis of the nail bed and the matrix (Figure 2). The patient refused finger amputation and underwent surgical removal of the dorsal part of the(More)