G. N. Purohit

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As an application of CCTV Traffic surveillance, retrieval of the number plate from the vehicles is an important dimension, which demands intelligent solution. In this document, template matching block of computer vision toolbox has been used to extract the vehicle number plate. It is assumed that images of the vehicle have been captured at a particular(More)
Regression testing is an expensive process. A number of methodologies of regression testing are used to improve its effectiveness. These are retest all, test case selection, test case reduction and test case prioritization. Retest all technique involves re-execution of all available test suites, which are critical moreover cost effective. In order to(More)
Boolean expressions are major focus of specifications and they are very much prone to introduction of faults, this survey presents various fault based testing techniques. It identifies that the techniques differ in their fault detection capabilities and generation of test suite. The various techniques like Cause effect graph, meaningful impact strategy,(More)
As a generalization of double base chains, multibase number system is very suitable for efficient computation of scalar multiplication of a point of elliptic curve because of shorter representation length and hamming weight. In this paper combined with the given formulas for computing the 7Fold of an elliptic curve point P an efficient scalar multiplication(More)
In Delay Tolerant Networks (DTNs), routing protocols work in an environment where there is no guarantee of end to end path between source and destination. Mobility of nodes is an important factor that helps to deliver packets in DTN. Intermediate nodes receive, store and forward packets to other intermediate nodes or destination. The packets are stored in(More)
Wireless sensor networks are network of small sensing devices, which collaborate with each other to gather process and communicate over wireless channel information about some physical phenomena. These self-organizing, highly robust and energy efficient networks can be excellent sentinels for monitoring underground mining, wildlife and various physical(More)