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The authors used the blind method for evaluation of the morphological picture of the joints and the level of circulating immune complexes to study the effect of prolonged oral administration of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) and its main metabolite dimethyl sulfone on the development of spontaneous arthritis in 36 Mrl/Mn/lnr female mice. It was found that DMSO(More)
The study of polymorphism of humoral immunoreactions to the type I (AC) collagen in CBA/Lac, C57B1/6-J inbred mice and NZB X NZW (F1) hybrids showed the presence of genetically determined variability of the above mentioned trait. The analysis of intralinear dispersions of AC levels in NZB X NZW (F1) mice revealed sex dimorphism and age variability of the(More)
To exert an effect on the autoimmune process in 54 New Zealand mice aged 6 and 10 months, 0.2 ml of a solution obtained in perfusion of isolated pig's spleen (perfusate) was injected intravenously at intervals of 2--3 days (a total of 8 injections). The control group (43 mice) received injections of an isotonic buffer solution in the same regimen. After the(More)
The sex hormones, estradiol and testosterone, are able to modulate the status of spontaneous reactions of humoral immunity to type I collagen in ontogenesis of NZB x NZW (F1) females. Administration of estradiol to puber and unpuber females leads to a significant increase in the reactivity levels. The autoimmune status to type I collagen in NZB x NZW (F1)(More)
A study was made of the ultrastructure and polypeptide composition of liver cell nuclear matrix of F1NZB/NZW hybrid mice imitating human systemic Lupus erythematosus. Electron microscopy reveals enlargement in fibrous lamina diameter and increase in pore complex density up to the age of 8-9 months. In the terminal stages of the disease (12-13 months of age)(More)
Activity of acid DNAase (DNAase II) was shown to decrease in neutrophils from peripheric blood of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus as well as in macrophages of liver tissue from mice of the F1(NZB/w) strain during development of the lupus syndrome. Inhibition of the DNAase II activity in phagocytic cells might be among the reasons of accumulation(More)