G N Krivitskaya

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Wistar rats behaviorally active in the open field test (resistant to emotional stress) are characterized by polymorphism of neurons in layer V of the sensorimotor cortex and the presence of hyperchromatic cells, which probably determines resistance to emotional stress in these rats. Atrophy of hyperchromatic neurons reflecting transient inhibition of cell(More)
The formation of trace rhythm assimilation (an analog of the conditioned reflex to time) by neurons of the sensorimotor cortex in response to prolonged (10-20 min) electrodermal stimulation of an extremity at a frequency of 0.5-1 or 2 Hz was investigated in awake adult (5-7 months), old (54-65 months), and very old (66-85 months) rabbits. The data of the(More)
Wistar rats with different levels of resistance to emotional stress (ES) were subjected to stress and brain sections stained with Nissl cresyl violet were used for quantitative analysis of the structural organization of neurons in layer V of the sensorimotor cortex. Some animals received delta sleep-inducing peptide (DSIP) 1 h before stress. Control(More)
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