G. N. K. Suresh Babu

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In this paper, we combine the mature technology of Web with the embedded and fully utilize the advantages of both. The System can complete the remote access, monitoring and maintenance operations of equipment through the network and Web browser. Through introducing Internet into control network, it is possible to break through the spatial-temporal(More)
The main goal of our research is to invent a new Web Image Search Portal with more innovation. We aim to search and retrieve the matched images from the uploaded online images with the help of Auto hidden tag method using the RANSAC algorithm through Open Computer Vision. We implemented a new system using the object detection process in an image using the(More)
Mobile ad-hoc Network (MANET) is collection of mobile platforms that form a dynamic infrastructure communication network wherever required. Until recently, Mobile nodes formed a group communication, even for communication there is a problem of efficient and securely broadcast from sender to remote cooperative group occurs in many emerging applications. In(More)
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