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BACKGROUND State central cancer registries are often asked to respond to questions about the spatial distribution of cancer cases. Spatial analysis methods and technology are evolving rapidly, and can be a considerable challenge to registries that do not have staff with training in this area. The purpose of this article is to describe a general(More)
This paper is intended as an overview of the research carried out at Coventry University in the design of a portable artificial kidney system. It was seen that the key to the problem was the reduction in dialysate volume, and so it was decided to develop a prototype that would utilize the regeneration and recirculation of a small volume of dialysate. A(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS 1 This report exemplifies that hard work and dedication of many policymakers, educators, bankers and advocates, as well as the Office of Economic Empowerment (OEE) staff and interns, who examined the state of financial literacy in Massachusetts. A debt of gratitude goes out to Barbara Anthony, former Undersecretary of Massachusetts Office of(More)
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