G. N. Afanasiev

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We analyse the well-known Tamm problem treating the charge motion on a finite space interval with the velocity exceeding light velocity in medium. By comparing Tamm's formulae with the exact ones we prove that former do not properly describe Cherenkov radiation terms. We also investigate Tamm's formula cos θ = 1/βn defining the position of maximum of the(More)
We analyze the Vavilov-Cherenkov radiation (VCR) in a dispersive nontransparent dielectric air-like medium both below and above the Cherenkov threshold, in the framework of classical electrodynamics. It is shown that the transition to the sub-threshold energies leads to the destruction of electromagnetic shock waves and to the sharp reduction of the(More)
The effects arising from accelerated and decelerated motion of a point charge inside a medium are studied. The motion is manifestly relativistic and may be produced by a constant uniform electric field. It is shown that in addition to the bremsstrahlung and Cherenkov shock waves, the electromagnetic shock wave arises when the charge particle velocity(More)
In Ref. [ 1 ] we have obtained in three different ways the components of the vector magnetic potential (VMP) for the toroidal solenoid. As they satisfy the same equations and the same boundary conditions, they should coincide everywhere (see, e.g., [2]). By comparing these components one can derive simple closed analytical expressions for some integrals and(More)
We propose the system of charge and current densities realizing static and non-static electric solenoids. There is a non-trivial electric vector potential outside the electrical cylindrical or toroidal solenoids. It cannot be eliminated by the gauge transformation. The non-static solenoids emit waves of electromagnetic potentials propagating with the(More)
The aim of this paper is to study the fine structure of the Cherenkov rings. We analyze the experiments performed by one of authors (Zrelov) in which no special focusing devices were used. The broad Cherenkov ring was observed in the plane perpendicular to the motion axis. Using the exact and approximate formulas we investigate how a charge moving uniformly(More)
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