G. Murari

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An extract of cannabis (5 and 15 mg/kg expressed as delta 9-THC) orally administered to rats caused an elevation of the nociceptive threshold (tail-flick latency and vocalization tests). Naloxone and naltrexone (blockers of mu-type opiate receptors) as well as MR 1452 (blocker of kappa opiate receptors) did not prevent the antinociceptive effect of cannabis(More)
This study with the rat evaluated the contribution of omega-conotoxin GVIA-(omega-CgTx) and verapamil-sensitive Ca2+ channels in behavioural, antinociceptive and thermoregulatory responses to intracerebroventricular (i.c.v.) injection of [D-Ala2,NMePhe4,Gly-ol5]enkephalin (DAMGO), [D-Pen2,D-Pen5]enkephalin (DPDPE) and dynorphin A-(1-17), which are selective(More)
The behavioral responses of the rat to an extract of Cannabis sativa were examined after IP injection of 5, 15 and 30 mg/kg (expressed as delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol). The lowest dose of the extract induced stereotyped behavior (rhythmic head movements, intermittent gnawing and sniffing) together with hypersensitivity to stimuli and hyperthermia. The(More)
BACKGROUND Extant data from in vivo animal models and postmortem studies indicate that Alzheimer's disease (AD) pathology is associated with reduction of the brain antioxidant glutathione (GSH), yet direct clinical evidence has been lacking. In this study, we investigated GSH modulation in the brain with AD and assessed the diagnostic potential of GSH(More)
In this study we characterized calcitonin (CT) receptors in human neuroblastoma IMR 32 cells. Saturation binding assays indicated that [125I]-human CT bound with high affinity to IMR 32 cell membranes (K(d) = 253.6 pM; Bmax = 3.84 fmol/ mg protein). In competition binding studies, human adrenomedullin displayed high affinity for these sites (IC50 = 30 nM)(More)
We measured the release of immunoreactive (ir) dynorphin (dyn) A-(1-17) and dyn B from the rat hypothalamus by an in vitro superfusion technique. The system was validated on the basis of the recovery and stability of radiolabeled peptides added to the superfused hypothalami. These were detected as authentic peptides by reverse-phase high-performance liquid(More)
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