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On the 25 November 1999, the Secretary of State for the Environment in England and Wales announced the outcome of the water companies' third Periodic Review. As a result, a major environmental investment programme will be completed during the period 2000/2005. Overall in England and Wales, it is planned that almost 3,600 km of rivers will be protected or(More)
During 1993-1995 the health services in British Forces Germany were subjected to a market testing process by which the primary, community and acute health services for the British Servicemen and women, their families and attached civilian staff, a population of 70,000, were put out to competitive tender with the then current provider, the Defence Medical(More)
Modern methods in genomics and high-throughput crystallography have ensured that we have access to a large and rapidly increasing, number of X-ray structures of protein-ligand complexes. A structure-based approach to drug design aims to exploit this information, but current methods are not suited to the examination of the large numbers of complexes(More)